Day One

Phew. I am exhausted.

Today was Day One at CCNM and so the hecticness begins! This is med school, so I expected it to be busy, but I can't count on both my hand how many times today the staff members, upper-year students, and professors told us "this program is intense". And so I say: Bring it!

Today started with goodies. It was Christmas for the class of 2014; we all received orientation bags filled with tons of vitamin/supplement samples, a couple of reusable bags, a travel mug, a couple of tubes of natural toothpaste, a t. shirt, and more! ...all were (most likely) supplied by big medical equipment and supplement companies (they want our future business of course!).

The day continued with lots of presentations (by Student Services, the Dean, the President, the Student Union), and four classes. All of my classes were amazing, and I already have so much interesting information to share on the blog, but that will have to wait until tomorrow because I now need some sleep...

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  1. Wow - sounds like you'll need your sleep!

    We would love to dig in your bag of goodies...or at least the female of us would!!!

    Until next posting....

    xxoo PJ & M


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