Veganism and Naturopathy

In four years time I will be a certified Naturopathic Doctor. Now you may ask whether I, as a committed vegan, will push this diet on my patients?

Absolutely not.

I believe that choosing veganism is a completely personal decision. As I will mention in a future blog post, I believe that choosing veganism is much more than a diet but is a way of living. With that however, the teaching of naturopathic medicine do support the consumption of a primarily plant-based diet. Many people have allergies, sensitivities, and/or trouble digesting animal products. My body responded well to the elimination of these foods, but I recognize that results may very. As all of my patients will be unique, their treatments will differ. I am committed to working with patients to find a diet that is reasonable for their health conditions and for their lives.

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  1. Makes sense.

    We already knew you weren't pushy ;)

    PJ & M


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