Midterms and Plague Doctors.

I am about to start a marathon of midterms tomorrow (eight, two-hour long midterms in five days ...oh boy!). The atmosphere around the campus was intense last week (I guess most are not good at handling their stress because many appeared or acted pretty stressed-out, which is so odd because we are taught how bad stress is for your health). I am happy to report that, in general, I am holding-up quite well given the circumstances :)

In honor of my botanical medicine midterm exam tomorrow: "The first good doctors were wise plant gatherers with superior knowledge of practical botany” -- Author unknown.

Awhile back I learned in my botanical medicine class about Plague Doctors. Plague Doctors wore masks with long "beaks" that were filled with aromatic herbs to purify the air they breathed in, minimizing their risk of "inhaling the plague" (i.e. inhaling a virus) while treating patients.

Side note: thanks to Tony I now know how to properly use click-able links on my blog!


  1. PJ & M send all their wishes for good luck as well as good sleeps during this hectic week - they wish they could rub noses to you too :)

    Take care Becca - btw PJ thinks this upcoming summer you two should co- habitat together so you indeed will be roomies too! PS It could be good for Tony's allergies ;)

  2. You could rock 16 exams in 5 days, I'm sure of it.

    I'm glad you have the links flowing now!

    PS -- With Hallowe'en around the corner, I now want to be a plague doctor. I had seen pictures of those masks before and thought they were creepy without knowing much about them. This takes the creepy up a notch.

  3. Aren't they genius! Great costume idea too.


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