Study Advice.

Well, I survived my first set of midterms at CCNM. I am happy to report that my almond butter cookies fueled my evening study sessions.

Some exams went better than expected (I am pretty sure I survived Anatomy!) ...and others were unexpectedly brutal (my Traditional Chinese Medicine midterm was ridiculous, luckily ALL of my classmates felt equally shocked over its difficulty).

All and all, I remained in good spirits and was able to sleep eight hours every night (no all-nighters for me!). This week was good practice for the marathon of exams that December will hold (I'll have 12 final exams in one week).

For my student readers, here is some of my study advice:

- Always get good sleep (interrupting your regular sleep schedule is counter-productive. You won't retain as much and you'll feel sleepy the next day).
- Eat healthy meals before exams (aim for a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats (especially sources high in omega-3s!).
- Have good quality study snacks lying around (hello cookies! This way you won't be munching on chips, candy, and other junk that will taste great, but will make you feel yucky later).
- Do your own thing (don't be pressured by those pulling all-nighters, studying in libraries, and chugging coffee... if you don't need or like to do these things, then don't!).
- Take breaks. (seriously, when you've been staring at the same thing for an hour, you are obviously not taking it in, so stop, refresh, then get back to it).

Happy Studying!

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  1. Congrats - we are sure you did well because you put your all into them so pass or fail you DID well :)

    Luv & tisses, PJ & M


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