Water drinking... revisited!

Did you take me up on my challenge of keeping track of how much water you drink in a day? (I proposed this challenge one week ago).

I hope so, if not, try out the challenge this week (remember coffee, alcohol, pop, and fruit juices don't count). If you find/found you aren't getting the recommended 6-8 glasses a day (with 6 being a minimum), then you may want to work at increasing your H2O consumption. With the body being made mostly of water, it only makes sense that it will operate better when properly hydrated.

Four tips for increasing water consumption:

- Start everyday with a glass of water. Before you do anything (shower, make coffee, dress, etc). Have a glass of water. I do this every morning and I find it really makes me feel refreshed and helps to wake me up. I have a glass of water waiting for me at a beside table, but if you prefer cold water, then you might need to make the trek to the fridge/water cooler right after getting out of bed.

- When pouring/opening an alcoholic drink at home, pour some water to go with it, or every time you order an alcoholic drink at a restaurant/bar, order a glass of water too. Why? ...because alcohol dehydrates the body, so by drinking water while drinking , you are doing the body slightly less harm. ;)

- Carry a water bottle with you. I bring a water bottle with me everywhere. I have a smaller sized one that even fits in a purse (I always bring water with me when shopping, then I don't have to pay outrageous prices for bottled water when out and about).

- Drink while cooking, not eating. When cooking/preparing a meal, pour yourself a glass of water to sip on. This will prevent you from munching on the meal as it cooks--potentially ruining your appetite for the meal--and it will keep the fluid away from the meal. You can drink when eating, but only sips here and there when needed. The problem with drinking while eating is that you dilute your stomach acid, making it harder for the body to digest properly. It is best to not drink large amounts during a meal, so have your drink while cooking/preparing so that you're well-hydrated and won't need to chug any liquid while eating.

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