How much water do you drink in a day?

I challenge all of my readers to count the number of glasses of water they drink each day for a week. Don't count coffee, black tea (but uncaffeinated herbal tea counts), fruit juices, or alcohol. I'm talking straight-up H2O. After monitoring your water intake for a week, you'll be able to determine whether or not you are getting your daily recommended water consumption of 6-8 glasses. The human body is 60-70% water, so it is bound to feel better once it is properly hydrated.

I leave you with an interesting quote by Viktor Schauberger (author of The Water Wizard).

“...It never enters anyone’s head that certain material energies will also be denied to people who regularly consume sterilized water, sterilized milk or other sterilized foods. This deficiency will lead to a decrease in their mental, physical, and sexual potency and will inevitably increase the health risks to their weakened bodies ... This enfeeblement leaves the door wide open to the entry of disease”.

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