A Busy Month.

This month has been quite busy at CCNM. I have written more essays in one month than in my entire undergraduate degree (eight essays were written in November). There have also been many assignments in addition to keeping up with studying lecture material.

In addition to assignments, there have been lots of events. Almost every week of the year celebrates some sort of "week" here at CCNM. So far we've had Clubs Week, Consciousness Week, Sexual Health Week, Inter-professional Week, and Green Week. These weeks present many guest lectures sometimes free samples :) For instance, this week there was a talk on gastrointestinal health and probiotics, complete with a free dinner (I didn't attend, but my classmates that did said it was interesting and filling :P).

While on the topic of CCNM, I will soon be the proud owner of a CCNM hoodie! I ordered one that should arrive just in time for the holidays. I don't know why, but I feel more "connected" to my school once I am able to proudly sport their logo.


  1. Oh no - .....now everyone knows that there may not be a Santa.

    Do you think Dinkum was reading????

    xoxo PJ&M

  2. Well, we left before Santa arrived, so maybe there is a Santa after all :P

  3. no...I meant the hoodie :)


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