The Carpal Bones and Phalanges.

How to remember the carpal bones (i.e. the wrist bones):

The proximal row of bones:

It is in the middle of the night, and the crescent moon (lunate bone) is shining on you and your boat (scaphoid bone), when all of a sudden your propeller (triquetrum bone) dies. Luckily you have food aboard the boat--a can of peas (pisiform bone)--to fuel you as you manually paddle back to shore.

The lunate bone looks like a cresent moon.
The scaphoid bone looks like a boat.
The triquetrum bone looks like a propeller.
The pisiform bone looks like a can, with a round top like a pea.

The distal row of bones:
Sorry, but I don't know a cute story for these bones, I just know shape comparisons...

The trapezium bone looks like a trapezoid, while the trapezoid bone looks like a squiggly trapezoid, the capitate bone looks like a little person with a round head, and the hamate bone looks like a hook.

The hand phalanges (i.e. fingers) have proper names:

The "thumb" or first finger is the pollex or pollicis.
The second finger is the index or indicis.
The "middle" or third finger is the digitus medius.
The "ring" or fourth finger is the anularis.
The "pinky" or fifth finger is the digitus minimus.


  1. oh boy - I only knew two of those bones.....back to anatomy for me....yikes.

    PJ & M

  2. That's awesome that you remember two! Kudos.

  3. Some lovers try positions that they can't handle. :P

    scaphoid lunate triquetrum pisiform trapezium trapezoid capitate hamate

    ...or...a story for the shapes in the second half: How about a round-headed person tries to pick up a trapezoid, but because they have a hook for a hand and end up dropping it and turning it squiggley?


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