Coughing and Sore Throats.

Some information about coughing and sore throats:

Theobromine relieves coughing. Theobromine is a purine alkaloid compound that has a similar chemical structure as caffeine. It is found in chocolate and has been shown to stop coughing in a clinical trial. More research is needed to fully determine the anti-coughing properties of chocolate, but it is believed that eating 50 grams of chocolate can help with a persistent cough.

Honey is beneficial for sore throats (take a tablespoon and swallow it slowly) because it has antimicrobial effects. It also contains beneficial flavonoids.

Cough syrup is usually cherry flavored because the first reported cough suppressant was the wild cherry herb.

A productive cough is one in which phlegm is expectorated after the cough.

An unproductive cough is one in which no phlegm is produced, it is a dry cough, and is usually the result of an irritation of the respiratory tract.

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