One Month!

In one month's time, it will be Winter Solstice. Although the stores have been pumping out the holiday tunes since early November, I think that now is a good time for me to start getting into the true spirit of this season. It is now time for me to start wearing green and red apparel, start playing Jingle Bells, and most importantly, start my holiday baking. Despite having many exams looming, I am confident that it's going to be a great season :D
Not too long ago I had to write my definition of the vis medicatrix naturae for a quiz. Here is my definition:

The vis medicatrix naturae is the healing power of nature. At the core of the human body, lies a template of perfect health; a body that is beautiful, balanced, and healthy. As nature has the power to grow and develop the body, it is the power by which we heal during illness. Naturopathic medicine teaches us to trust in nature--in our bodies--to maintain and restore our health.
Lastly, I leave you with my Yogi Tea Quote of the Day: Learn to be noble, courteous, and committed.

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