Random Facts.

Random Facts:

- In my Traditional Chinese Medicine class, I learned how the "spleen" (the TCM organ and not the Western Medicine one) houses the intellect (or "yi"). Therefore activities like studying, thinking, and memorizing use the spleen organ. Students, who use a lot of yi, overwork their spleens. The advice of my TCM prof was for students to spend their free-time engaging in non-spleen activities like physical activity ...or bartending. Maybe this is why so many students bartend on weekends to help pay for their educations.

- Coffee is a bitter and thus stimulates digestion. A small cup of coffee is good after dinner to help with the digestion of the meal. Decaf coffee works too if you find coffee in the evening too stimulating.

- Completely different areas of the brain are used for hearing words, seeing words, speaking words, and writing words.

- Nocturia is the condition when urination occurs one to two times a night.

- Most white-gilled mushrooms are toxic.

- If you don't consume enough fruits and vegetables a day or if you really don't like them, it is a good idea to start drinking herbal teas as they contain many of the beneficial phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Bartending - how cool is that? You give your spleen a rest. It's also very fun!!!

    PJ & M


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