Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks and a Class Update.

Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks

You will feel the effect of alcohol faster when drinking carbonated beverages (e.g. rum and coke, champagne, coolers). Why? Because these beverages are carbonated, they introduce gas into the stomach. The gas adds pressure to the stomach, forcing any stomach contents to be pressed into the lining of the stomach. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood through the stomach lining (and not in the small intestine where other macromolecules are absorbed). Thus, when combined with carbonation, alcohol is "pushed" into the blood by the gas.

Class Update

- My Physiology professor refers to everyone who asks a question as Doctor. Some respond to someone's raised hand with "Yes, Doctor?" and then respond with "Well, Doctor, I think that...". At first I thought it was odd, but now I've grown to really appreciate it. She is treating us like the professionals that we will one day become.

- This week I have a bell-ring Anatomy exam on bones. There will be 15 stations set-up with bones and each station will ask two questions. 90 seconds will be allotted per station. When the bell rings, you have to leave your station and move on to the next.

- I am loving my acupuncture class. This week was all theory (plus a few very interesting stories from my professor), but next week we start locating points on our classmates (and after February, we'll start needling these points). More to come on this as I progress through the course!


  1. needling is cool - we're not afraid if you ever need to try it out!!


  2. I won't be needling until March-ish. Still lots of safety to be learned before we get going!


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