I recently read the article Toxemia for my naturopathic philosophy class. The article is written by JH Tilden and is an exert from his book by the same name. Interesting, Tilden is an allopathic doctor, but some many of his opinions support the principles of naturopathic medicine. Here are some notes (I paraphrased many of Tilden's points):

- Body always has a certain level of toxins in the blood. Toxin amounts range from mild to excessive causing disease manifestation (which is known as toxemia).
- Many doctors try to “cure”, but really just provide relief from symptoms.
- Nature is what actually heals the body, bringing it back to a healthy state when all of the disease-causing habits are stopped
- When the body is fatigued or run-down, the elimination of toxins is minimized.
- Toxins in the body cause it to become toxic.
- To reduce toxemia, you must stop energy-depleting habits: worrying, poor diet, gluttony, smoking, anger, self-pity, frustration, and over-excitability.
- Health is only in those disciplined enough to work to maintain it.
- Don’t remove the effect (e.g. an ulcer) without knowing the cause (e.g. poor diet resulting in acid formation that irritates mucus surface of stomach).
- To understand disease, you have to first understand health.
- People need to demand education from their government -- not medication, vaccination and immunization. These three do not help the public learn about health.
- “When Doctor Nature is allowed full control, all acute so-called diseases will get well and people will stay well as long as they practice the self control necessary”.
- Doctors need to educate above all else.
- The effects of toxins vary from person to person (why diseases/illnesses vary so much).
- Many diseases are just the result of toxemia , and not some genetic malfunction or caused by a superbug.

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  1. Yes, people need education on health, but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing they are likely to demand. In other words, it has to be a 'push'. It won't take off as a 'pull'.

    ...kind of like speed limits?


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