Chubby Cheeks and Pronunciation.

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Babies and children have adorable chubby cheeks. The extra fat in the cheek region usually long gone by puberty, but when people don't lose this fat in the face, they can be identified as have a "baby face". What is the clinical relevance of chubby cheeks? Babies need to produce a lot negative pressure in their mouths in order to drawn milk out of their mothers' breasts. Without the excess fat--which keeps the cheek structurally stable--there is a risk that their cheeks would collapse inwards due to the high pressure produced during breast feeding.

Pronunciation: We had a guest ND come visit our Philosophy class and I thought it was cool that he kept saying natureopathic doctors. I pronounce naturopathy as naturopathy as in Natalie, not naturopathy as in nature. I also pronounce it is naturo *pause* pathy whereas others pronounce it as natur *pause* opathy (if that wasn't clear, I meant to point out the difference between the two ways of emphasizing the "o" in naturopathy).
...The point of this entry was just to say that there are many ways to pronounce naturopathy.


  1. Dr. Hannibal Lecter thinks cheeks are the best parts to eat. Interesting.

  2. Sweet display picture, Snoogin!

  3. Thank you Becca - we had lots of fun in the sun :)



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