Interesting Tid-bits 7.

Happy Spring! Apparently it is officially Spring when the Canadian geese migrate home. Luckily I saw a bunch this weekend :)

- Jaundice (i.e. yellowish or jaune colored skin) could be a side-effect of gallstones.

- When sick with a bad cold or flu, lots of soup (fluids!) and a BRAT diet are best (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast).

- Why do we sometimes get hiccups after eating too much? Because our expanded stomach presses up into our diaphragm.

- Men who wear tight jeans are more at risk for male sterility due to semi-compression of the testicles.

- The back of the neck is a reflex point for our nose. To help reduce the effects of a runny or bloody nose, a cold washcloth can be placed to the back of the neck for a long period of time to cause nasal constriction.

- The proper name for the belly button is the umbilicus.

- Frequent muscle twitches and/or weakness may be due to low calcium levels.

- Also on the subject of calcium, "growing pains" in adolescents can be caused by a calcium deficiency.

- Kellogg (the man behind the Kellogg's brand) was a nature doctor. His first product was Corn Flakes and it was one of the healthiest products available in his time (and was more nutritious than the cereal that exists today).

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