The Runner's High.

Some people think that exercise is only for those who want to be "buff" or who want to lose weight. Well, I'm here to say that exercise is important for everyone and present some reasons why. Exercise is good for (in no order):

1) Managing Stress - Exercise allows some people to "let go" and "de-stress". Some research has shown that those who exercise regularly are more resilient to stress. Exercising can allow one to forget about other life demands and focus on himself/herself.

2) Maintenance of the Body - It's not always about losing weight or building more muscle, rather sometimes it is about maintaining weight, muscle, strength, and/or ability. For example, muscles breakdown when they are not used (known as atropy), thus require constant attention. Also, even at the perfect body weight, overtime weight may be gained due to a lack of exercise. As people age, their metabolisms gradually slow down; this can be compensated for by adding exercise or by modifying caloric intake slightly.

3) Runner's High - Exercise release of endorphins, making people feel good. People tend to report "feeling great" even after they've bench pressed a horse or ran to the next province (joking... but in all seriousness, many people feel great even after strenuous exercise due to these extra endorphins. Some runners call the feeling the "Runner's High"). Some people can use this natural high to motivate them to keep-up with their exercise routine.

4) Internal Health - Exercise has many cardiovascular and digestive benefits. It is good to get the blood and lymphatic system flowing, the heart pumping, the lungs expanding, muscles growing, and the digestive system moving along. Exercise helps with detoxification too.

5) Recreation/Hobby or Transportation - It can be fun; it can be your hobby; it can be a way to socialize; it can be a family event. Moreover, ditch the car and walk or bike to your destination; exercise can be a healthy form of transportation.

If you are looking to incorporate more exercise into your schedule, start small to build the habit, then expand on the habit by increasing the duration of exercise and/or changing up the type of exercise. Exercise does not require a gym, equipment, or a team; it only requires a moving body! Did you know that the following everyday activities count as exercise? Walking around the grocery store or mall, taking the stairs, scrubbing the floors, tidying and dusting, vacuuming, painting walls, playing with a Frisbee, golfing, dancing to music, walking the dog, playing in the pool, yoga/stretching, lifting heavy objects (like big grocery runs!), and chasing after children.


  1. I don't get runner's high. The most I can hope for is runner's amazed-that-I-actually-got-myself-to-run-for-once.

    For me, ANY other form of exercise is better.

  2. I guess for some the "amazement" you described is the high.

  3. I thought Tony would get the "runner's high"from playing frisbee???



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