Short and Sweet.

Most of my posts this week have been pretty long, so here is a short (and sweet) post to lighten-up your daily blog reading...

Sugar Cravings

When discussing diet with a patient, naturopathic doctors will include a discussion of food cravings. They will ask patients not only what they crave, but when the cravings occur. Sugar cravings tend to be a sign that the body hasn't received enough real and whole food throughout the day. The body is craving energy and sugar provides the simplest forms of energy (i.e. monosaccharides). In particular, protein tends to be lacking if the body craves a lot of sweet foods. I know a couple of people who crave salty foods more than sweet; unfortunately I haven't learned about salt cravings yet, but I'll post about it when I do.

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  1. That's neat and I can relate. I almost always want something sweet after suppers.


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