Easter Reflections.

If you were to go back in time and speak to the child version of Becca, I think she'd tell you that he favorite holiday was Easter. In fact, her earliest memory ever is of an Easter egg hunt at the ripe-old-age of three. Her Mom sent her on a wild hunt in which the egg prize was retrieved under a coach cushion (Dinkum's was hiding under a Fisher Price farm silo). Regarding the Easter holiday in general, she loved all of the pastel colors, the abundance of her favorite flower (tulips), the bunnies that were everywhere (although mostly plush), and of course the candy and chocolate. While adult Becca still enjoys Easter, I think she now prefers Thanksgiving and all of the seasonal veggies it celebrates. (Vegetables > Candy ...oh how times have changed!).

I must say that a spark of Child Becca's enthusiasm for Easter has come over me that over the course of the last week. I am enjoying this holiday and all of the adorableness that it brings. For me, this holiday is about new beginnings, vibrant colors, the freshness that Spring has to offer. I plan on celebrating Easter by taking a long-walk in the sunshine (it's hiding behind the clouds right now, but I know it is coming), listening to baby birds, while hunting for blooming tulips. And you never know, the walk may or may not be concluded with the devouring of a bunch of chocolate...
...but this time 'round it'll be dark and organic. ;)

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh Becca, I remember that Easter too - we lived in Shearwater. You & Dinkum were in toe enclosed pj's... aka sleepers scuffing around finding eggs :)

    I'm sad you & Dinkum aren't home for Easter but I guess neither of you would hunt eggs :( All babies eventually grow up :(

    I do believe an old gray Easter Bunny left a little parcel hidden at your parents home for each of you....see you both in a week :)

    Luv Momma

  2. Wonderful memories :)

    The old gray Easter "bunny"... but all this time I thought he was a GOOSE! Or a Prince, or a vicious tiger... I guess he is multiple animals.

    Miss you. Can't wait for our (late) Easter dinner.


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