Hydrotherapy = DONE.

Finished another course today. My Hydrotherapy class finished on a fabulous note: I had hour-long wet-sheet pack treatment, learned about mustard poultices, vegetable poultices, salt scrubs, neti pots, Castor oil, and paraffin wax treatments. Such a variety of easy-to-preform, cheap, unique, healing treatments were presented in class. I loved learning about them all and I hope to try them out in the near future. Here is a brief explanation of some of the treatments (and they are brief because they are only based on what I remember from today's short presentations):

Wet-sheet pack: In my bathing suit, I was wrapped in a freezing cold wet sheet, wrapped in two really thick blankets, and then left in this compress for an hour. Sounds ridiculous and super uncomfortable, right? Well it felt great (and this is coming from someone who hates the cold!). The theory behind this treatment: the cold sheet (that is up against the skin) forces the body to distribute more heat to the skin in order to heat up the cold sheet. It causes vasodilation and increased metabolism. Eventually the body distributes enough heat the body surface that the wet sheet heats up! I found the treatment to be quite enjoyable. I'm not a napper, but the treatment was so soothing that I dozed off, in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by lots of people, and a bunch of commotion... talk about a therapeutic treatment.

Mustard poultices: Applying a paste of mustard, warm water, and flour to a piece of paper towel makes for an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compress. Apply the mustard compress to a bruise, or welt, or inflamed muscle for some relief.

Vegetable poultices: Grate carrots or raw white potatoes until "juicy". Place the juicy shreds in some cheese cloth or thin tea towel and use as a compress for sore muscles or joints.

Salt scrubs: Place a teaspoon of salt (espsom, sea, or fine salt) in a teaspoon or so of water. Mush the two together to make a paste. Rub the paste on wet skin until the skin turns slightly red. This treatment is used to exfoliate the skin.


  1. wet sheet pack sounds cool...literally ;)

    I like the theory behind it - and would like to try it.

    Momma - PJ&M

  2. It feels like you are wearing a soggy wet bathing suit for awhile, but it eventually feels better... trust me!


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