The Experiment = CANCELLED.

While it hasn't been a month since I started eating eggs, I am no longer eating eggs. After a bit more than two weeks of eating two eggs, every second day, I decided to stop my egg-eating-experiment. Why? For two main reasons: one, I saw absolutely no improvement in my skin (psoriasis), in fact, at times it seemed to look worse. And two, the eggs were making me experience nausea. I typically ate the eggs lunch time and then every "egg" afternoon, I felt yucky in my tummy. I haven't had any eggs this week (and most of last week) and I haven't had any more tummy troubles. I am glad I tried eating eggs and eating them wasn't that bad (other than the queasy feelings); nevertheless, I am pretty sure that animal protein isn't the solution to my psoriasis.

Back to the drawing board!


  1. Good try - I'm proud of you for going back into the animal world to see. I know that was difficult.

    xxx Momma

  2. Thanks for the support. I'm not quite done with the animal world, because the next experiment is going to involve fish oil!


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