The Experiment ...Part Two.

So my egg-eating-experiment didn't work out too well in regards to the curing of my psoriasis. My next experiment is going to be taking fish oil.

I want to give my body a blast of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are really good for the brain, but they are also amazing for the skin and in the treatment of skin issues. As a vegan, I can get omega-3s from flax oil and seeds, hemp oil and seeds, and some fortified products. However, it is more difficult to use the vegetable sources of omega-3s in the body, so even though I am eating lots of omega-3 foods, I still may not be getting enough to see therapeutic benefits.

The omega-3s in fish oil, on the other hand, are readily absorbed by the body and pack a mean punch of these healthy fats! In the world of naturopathic medicine, recommending fish oil is like a medical doctor recommending Tylenol or Advil; you can take it everyday and it has a whole slew of health benefits, including many protective effects against cardiovascular/heart diseases, brain disorders, and skin problems.

The company of fish oil that I buy (which is also the one that I recommend to family and is the one that I will recommend that my future patients buy) is Ascenta. It is available at all health food stores and major grocery stores in the health foods isle.

As a vegan, I am particularly fond of Ascenta because they have a super concentrated omega-3 oil that is especially for vegans and vegetarians (it is made from nutrients from the sea floor, such as algae and a special plant called Echium plantagineum). Ascenta's fish oils are also responsibly harvested and the company donates regularly to sea protection programs. It is a very eco-progressive company; for instance, even all of the office furniture in their head office is made from recycled materials.

For your information, fish oil doesn't taste like fish. Most brands flavor their oil to make them taste fruity (usually lemon, citrus, or lime flavored) but even without the flavoring the oil should taste pumpkin-y. If the oil does smell or taste fishy, then it has gone rancid. Ascenta guarantees their products for ninety days before they start smelling fishy.

My goal is to take one teaspoon of fish oil a day for approximately thirty days. I will monitor over the course of this new "experiment" to see whether a boost of omega-3 fatty acids (in the form of concentrated fish oil) improves my skin situation.

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  1. Becca got her Dad some as well(oil) and it is very lemony.

    He adds to foods as an alternative to taking it by the spoonful.



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