HERBS: Spotlight on Ginseng.

What it does:

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb can be used for a variety of health concerns. It is a diuretic, stimulant, and tonic, has anti-aging effects, and helps with digestion. The main use of ginseng is as an adaptogen; adaptogens helps the body become more resilient to stress. Other popular uses for ginseng include treating respiratory tract infections, treats blood/bleeding disorders, and decreases cholesterol, possibly preventing atherosclerosis.

How it works:

Ginseng has estrogenic properties, meaning it helps regulate and balance the estrogen hormone pathway. Ginseng is beneficial for those with diabetes as it helps to improve blood glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity or by stimulating insulin release. Ginseng helps the immune system by activating various cells in order to battle pathogens. This is why the popular over-the-counter natural cold and flu medicine, Cold Fx, contains ginseng as its key ingredient.

How to take:

You can find Ginseng in some energy drinks (however most energy drinks are garbage, so buyer beware; some natural versions exist, opt to drink these ones), as a tea, in capsules, or in an herbal tincture.

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