Milk Alternatives.

If you've considered switching from cow's milk to a non-dairy alternative or you've considered reducing the amount of cow's milk you consume, then this is your post! I offer my thoughts on some of the most popular non-dairy milks (or "mylks" as some non-dairy drinkers have named them) available at major grocery stores. Disclaimer: your own results with these beverages may vary.

Rice Milk - Awesome for those sensitive to soy (and a lot of people are, soy is one of the top allergens). Not quite as creamy as soy or almond milk, more like a "skim milk". Does not contain any protein (this is rice milk's biggest down fall, as protein in the morning helps fill us up!). Great to use in baking. Yu rice milk is the best one I've found.

Hemp Milk - Has a somewhat nutty taste that may require some getting used to (unless you eat a lot of hemp, then you'd be used its unique taste). High in healthy fats (yeah omega-3s!) but barely any protein (boo!). Has a beautiful white color like cow's milk, unlike the other milk alternatives that I am discussing that tend to have a beige or ivory color. Manitoba Harvest is my favorite.

Soy Milk - More like a "2% milk". Lots of variety in flavor and fat content (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, original... fat free, light, regular). Buyer be warned: there are TONS of companies producing soy milk, so if you try one brand and hate it, I would strongly encourage you to try another as not all soy milks are created equally. Opt for organic varieties as they won't be genetically modified. A great source of protein. The cheapest non-dairy milk alternative (often cheaper than cow's milk!). Contains the most protein (same amount of protein as cow's milk). Also great in baking. In my opinion, it is the best milk to use in coffee (but a lot of people use almond milk too (see below)). My favorite soy milk brand (and trust me when I say I've tried MANY of them) is Natura their original is the creamiest soy milk I've tried.

Almond Milk
- This is widely becoming the most popular milk alternative. I find it a bit light, so if you want a fatty milk, this one is not for you. Easy to drink with a fairly neutral taste. Great in cereal. The chocolate almond milk flavor tastes the most like cow's chocolate milk (even cow milk drinkers agree!); seriously, check this healthier version of chocolate milk out! Almond Breeze is the most popular brand of almond milk.

Lastly, some less popular alternatives to cow's milk include oat milk, cashew milk, and hazelnut milk, those of which I won't be discussing on the blog today, just an FYI.

Got (non-dairy) Milk?

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