Frozen Milk Cubes.

I attended the Vegetarian Food Fair today, for the second time. However, this time I wasn't just shopping, sampling, and soaking up all of the awesome plant-powered energy; this time I was volunteering too! The fun Meghan Telpner was conducting a cooking demo and I had the privilege of passing out samples to the eager (overly eager if you ask me) crowd. I learned a great tip from her talk today that I thought I'd share on the blog today (mostly because I am so excited about this tip!): take your milk (ideally homemade nut mylks or non-dairy milks, like rice, almond, hemp, or soy) and pour it into ice cube trays. Then, take your frozen milk cubes and drop one into your morning tea or coffee. This way you are adding your milk to your hot beverage of choice, but since it is frozen, it will cool it down quicker. Such a great idea. Also this is great because it preserves the milk so you never wake-up wanting a cup 'o joe, but alas are all out of milk. Speaking of homemade nut mylks, I've been making them for quite some time now, remind me to do a post in the future on how to make delicious mylk at home, using nuts or seeds!

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