...and then there was one.

One more midterm to go (Microbiology)!

Stages of Sickness:

Invasion (of body with microorganism) -->

Incubation Period (the microorganism divides in the body, starts wrecking havoc on healthy cells, starts hijacking good cells and their molecular machinery) -->

Subclinical Infection (no signs or symptoms of the sickness are showing (the person is asymptomatic), but he or she can easily infect other people with the microorganism... most contagious when not really "sick") -->

Prodromal Period (when signs and symptoms of the sickness begin, but aren't that bad) -->

Illness Period (when the signs and symptoms are at their worst) -->

Convaiescent Period (start getting better, signs and symptoms are improving) -->

All Better :)

P.S. Acupuncture is over, (phew). It was certainly stressful, especially when your partner needles you in the HEAD with only thirty-seconds remaining in the exam. Oh, and Tony's inspirational words to me before my Chinese Medicine theory exam: conquer Chinese (Medicine) just like Genghis Khan. Ha!

P.P.S. The picture from earlier this week represents Pumpkin Pi(e). Cleaver!


  1. Oh I'm so dumb ;(


  2. Oh my doodness! Don't be so hard on yourself. Unless you're a math nerd, you would have had a hard time guessing it. :P


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