Group Work.

My second-year classes feature a lot of group work (too much, if you ask me!). Everyday I meet with a group in at least one of my classes. On Mondays, for instance, I have three group sessions, in addition to my lecture-style classes. I understand why CCNM has decided to structure their program this way (i.e. featuring lots and lots of group work) because the lecture-style classes are just too big (my second year class, that will graduate in 2014, has almost 150 people!); however I don't understand all of the collaboration and group brainstorming because in the "real world" (i.e. in practice) there are absolutely no group settings. One day, it will just be me, the naturopathic doctor, and the patient. One-on-one problem solving. I'll only have my mind, memory, and my years of studying to rely on (oh, but I'll have some textbooks and online resources to double-check from time-to-time :P).

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