Types of PMS.

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome. It is a whole slew of symptoms experienced by a female before their menses begins, including psychological/emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms. PMS occurs in the luteal phase of the menses cycle. Did you know that PMS is not normal; ideally, a female should not experience any symptoms prior to their menses? Crazy, huh?! Especially since I've never met a female who didn't have at least some mild PMS...

There are five different types of PMS:

= Anxiety based. Due to a high estrogen:progesterone ratio (low levels of progesterone and/or poor estrogen detox).
PMS-C = Carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, palpitations, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, making the body feeling weak). Due to increased insulin sensitivity and PGE1 (enzyme) deficiency.
PMS-D = Depression. Due to progesterone excess.
PMS-H = Hyperhydration, bloating, and water retention. Due to increased ACTH (hormone) causing increased aldosterone levels.
PMS-P = Lots of pain, reduced pain tolerance.

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  1. Crazy - I too don't know of ladies without PMS symptoms.....


  2. No PMS? Then we's all f**ked up! lol

  3. What causes PMS?
    Does diet (I'm assuming) have something to do with it? What prevents PMS?


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