Why I Blog.

I was reflecting over the weekend how at the start of the year, I thought that I wouldn't be blogging as frequently as I did last year. But it's already November and I've blogged everyday since the start of the year! I'm surprised and impressed by this, given all of the extra things in my life in addition to CCNM and blogging. I've managed to find time for blogging everyday because I find writing therapeutic, I enjoy having a creative outlet in an otherwise very science-y program, and I find it fun to document my journey through the program. I mostly do my blog writing in class when we are given breaks or when the class is moving at a slow pace. I'm noticing a lot of downtime in my classes this year, which is perfect blogging time.

Other reasons why I am blogging:

- I write about a science-y topic that I am trying to better understand; writing helps me remember it
- I want to a share an exciting recipe I think is delicious
- I want to vent about something I feel passionate; so passionate that I need to spread it with the world
- I have learned something interesting that I think the public at large should know about
- I feel the need to vent or express sentiments that I am feeling as I progress through this program

Anywho, all I can say is... thanks for reading my online journal (aka blog)!


  1. Thank you for blogging - you got lots of folks started on the blog wagon!

    I am learning all sorts of things, you're educating me, and it's always good to increase our brains potential!

    Plus it's a great way of knowing what you're doing / thinking about since you are far away from home - keeping us connected ;)

    love you much - Momma

    PS today Nov 7 was your due date.....

  2. Thanks for reading :) Glad I am educating you and keeping you connected to my day-to-day activities.

  3. I'm happy you blog! It help me understand how to live a better lifestyle and teaches me things I had never known!
    Thanks Becca ^_^


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