Yoga, Part Two.

Part two in my series outlining my experience with yoga thus far. Read part one here. Part three (and maybe more) will arrive within the next couple of weeks.

Part one yoga benefit: breath awareness
Part two yoga benefit: positivity

It's the yogi way to be calm, zen, and peaceful. As such, you typically won't find any complaining, rudeness, or negativity in a yoga class. I find yoga classes to be incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Not only do I leave a yoga class with an looser body, but with an open mind too. I have never felt pushed or lesser because of my newbie yoga skills. According to one of my yoga teachers, if you can breath, then you can do yoga. Yoga class is meant to be a happy place for growth (both physically and mentally). Yoga is me time and the teachers work hard to keep it that way, constantly reminding the students to "let their days go" and to focus on breath and "nothing else". A few of my teachers have ended class by putting some great body images into their students heads, things like: "your body is perfect...it is whole...it's all you have and it's exactly how you need it to be". Other teachers have ended class by sincerely thanking the class for "sharing [its] energy". Lastly, there are teachers who simply end the class by wishing that their students "have a truly beautiful day". However the class ends, it is always on a positive note, leaving me relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy that I decided to give yoga a try.

Have yourself a truly beautiful day, my lovely readers.


  1. Sorry for the belated post - internet was gone:(

    It is a truly beautiful day readers as it is Becca's birthday :)

    The world is sooo much better because of you;)

    All our love (just a little late!)

    Momma & Dad

  2. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes :) Just because the blog comment wishes are late, the REAL wishes were on time :)



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