I don't know about you, but when clementines make their grand appearance in grocery stores, it is officially the holiday season. Clementines (aka "clemmies") remind me most of my Xmas stocking (I got one in my sock each year) and of my grandfather. Whenever we visited Gram and Gramp's over the holiday season, we would eat lots of clemmies together. My grandfather first introduced me to clemmies and taught me how to best un-peel them (roll them in your hands first to loosen up the peel!).

Clementines are perfect this time of year not just because of nostalgia, but because they provide a hefty dose of vitamin C. I'm sure you know the connection between vitamin C consumption and a strong immune system, but do you know about the connection between vitamin C and stress? When you are stressed (such as during this time of year), the body needs much more vitamin C for normal functioning. I feel like the clementines know to ripen just in time for our cold/flu and our holiday crazy-busy seasons ;)

So, eat 'em up! Clemmies do the body a ton of good this time of year.

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