Clinic Shifts and Cat Scratches.

Last night I had the privilege of following around a supervisor at CCNM's teaching clinic (the RSNC). During those six hours, I got to see fifteen patients! I observed lots of acupuncture, counseling, and quite a few manipulations/adjustments. One of the naturopathic modalities is physical medicine ; this modality features the manipulation of tissue, muscles, and bones. After third-year, I will know how to preform basic chiropractic techniques.

The bacteria Bartonella henselae can cause cat-scratch fever. Cats carry this bacteria; they acquire it from fleas and lice. When the cat bites or scratches a human, the bacteria is passed on, resulting in an papule or pustule developing at the bite or scratch site. The papule or pustule is benign (nothing to worry about), however fever and lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) may develop.

Image source here. I feel like this little innocent kitty is saying "Who me?"

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