TCM Organs: the Heart.

- The heart's emotion is joy. A heart pathology can exist when a person experiences a lack of joy (like in depression) or excessive joy (like someone who is a joker, laughing at everything, ending each sentence with a nervous giggle).
- The heart stores our mental/emotional blood. Our emotional thinking comes from the heart.
- The heart controls the mind (but not our intelligence, that's the spleen's job)
- The heart opens onto the tip of our tongue.
- Heart problems include insomnia and mental restless (because the mind is agitated and won't settle down).
- The heart manifests in the face. When someone's heart is glowing, it shows in their bright and happy face. On the other hand, someone experiencing lots of doom and gloom may have a dull, pale/grey, and/or sad looking face. Facial acne may be a sign of heart pathology, but could also be a lung issue as the lung controls skin).
- Lastly, the heart controls our blood vessels and the movement of blood.

...Only two TCM organs remaining, the spleen and the lung!

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