Two Weeks.

In officially two weeks, I'll be once again living the good life. Freedom! I can almost taste it (...well, freedom for slightly less than two weeks, but hey, who's counting?).

Classes are wrapping up this week. I have one more class tomorrow and then I'm roughly 37.5% a doctor! (Thanks to Tony for doing the math). I'm officially done with Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy (save for their respective exams) for year-two. Thank goodness; both of these classes were serious let-downs. I didn't have high hopes for Homeopathy (my least favorite modality), but Bot Med... the horror. I love herbs, but this class did not teach me very much.

Sorry, I am not feeling very inspired today, perhaps a more interesting post will come to mind tomorrow...

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  1. I can understand your lack of inspiration with exams looming. Don't worry-as you say- freedom is just around the corner. Mama M


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