Chocolate Fix.

"Whoever said laughter is the best medicine had clearly never tasted chocolate".

Exams start today, so you can imagine what I've been eating way too much this past week in preparation: CHOCOLATE! I've got to thank/curse my tired-of-studying spleen for that one.

Here are three chocolate bars that I am currently loving and recommending:

My go to chocolate bar is Lindt 90%. It is heavenly if you love dark chocolate. Rich, smooth taste, with just enough sweetness. Most people consider me crazy for eating 90%, so I will also recommend the Lindt 70% because it is also super good and I think more people would like it. Lindt chocolate bars are great because they are cheap (usually 2 for $5 when on sale) and available everywhere (even my neighborhood convenience store sells them).

For milk chocolate lovers, I want to recommend the Terra Nostra Ricemilk Chocolates. These bars are crazy because they taste just like regular milk chocolate, but they are made of rice milk. Very cool that dairy-free milk chocolate exists, and they even happen to be organic!

And last, but not least Endangered Species Chocolate. Recommended to me by reader M, this is my new favorite chocolate for a number of reasons: they are ethical, have clean ingredients yet an amazing taste, and are sugar-free chocolate (sweetened with beet sugar). The Extreme Dark variety is the best, but the Chocolate with Mint is a close second. I would eat this chocolate everyday if it wasn't so hard to find (I need to travel to fancy health food stores to find them).

Pictured above: a chocolate bar that my Momma bought me over the holidays. Loved the caption!


  1. yay!! so glad you like endangered species! good luck with exams! =)

  2. I have a chocolate inspired calendar - one caption says; " Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays".


    :) Mom xo


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