Did You Know...

...one of the reasons why gun bullets kill is because they allow the pathogen Staph aureus to enter the body.
...dwarfs/little people have normal sized heads because dwarfism only affects cartilaginous bones and the skull is not a cartilaginous bone.
...people with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) have blue eyes (sclera) because they have abnormal collagen synthesis and thus thin collagen in their eyes that allows underlying veins (containing deoxygenated "blue blood") to be visible, giving the eye a blue tinge.
...changes in the weather can cause increased discomfort and pain for some people due to the changes in barometric pressure. Especially in people with arthritis.
...foot pain can cause headaches. Some people's headaches relieve when they are given proper orthotics.
...hygiene is important, but not just physical hygiene. Don't forget sleep hygiene, food hygiene, and emotional hygiene. How are you "cleaning yourself" from bad thoughts and negativity at the end of the day?
...that you can get a headache after you wash your bed sheets. The harsh chemicals in detergent still linger the first night you sleep in clean sheets. If you are sensitive to chemicals/fragrances, this could trigger a headache. Try to wash sheets in the morning to let them "air" before bed or switch to fragrance-free detergent.
...when a doctor examines the inside of your eye (the retina) he or she is technically looking at your brain (he optic nerve is a visible nerve and is an extension of brain matter).
...muscle twitches may be a sign of low calcium.
...maximum bone density is reached at age 30, then 0.7% of bone is lost each year after this age.
...acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter important in memory function. Boost your acetylcholine levels by eating eggs and soy lecithin (found at health food stores and is most dark chocolate bars).

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