Food & Fiber Facts.

- A Neutraceutical is an isolated product taken from a food and given as a supplement. Example: vitamin C tablets.
- A Functional Food is an isolated product takes from a food and added to another. Example: omega-3s added to OJ.
- A Prescription Food is a food recommended by a Naturopathic Doctor to be consumed as a form of medicine. Example: those with high cholesterol should eat olive oil.
- Fiber decreases colon cancer as it dilutes carcinogens and decreases transit time (meaning it gets wastes out of the body faster, so they don't spend a lot of time in the colon fermenting). It also stimulates butyrate production, which is a food source for colonocytes (cells in the colon).
- Fiber decreases cholesterol levels by binding to excess cholesterol and transporting it out of the body in feces.
- Decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 3.3% for every extra gram of fiber consumed per day.
- Decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 6.0% for every extra fruit & veg consumed per day.

Note: I've included the images above because they are food related (and because I love all things culinary). Source. On that note, Tony got me spices and a recipe book for V-Day... he knows this foodie well.


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