Make-In Take-Out: Sushi.

Make-In Take-Out: Sushi!

Making sushi is hard. It requires technique, precision, and skill. Plus, a heck of a lot of fancy supplies (bamboo rolling mat, very specific sushi rice + vinegar + sugar, seafood, chopsticks, veggies + toppings, etc). In October, I attended a sushi-making party and not only did it take hours (I think we sat down for dinner at 9 PM), but the hosts had to buy a lot supplies, making it quite the expensive dinner party.

While the sushi-making experience was a ton of fun, I've decided to forgo the sushi making to the experts. If I am craving real sushi, I'll take myself to one of the billion sushi joints that exist here in Toronto. :D

With that said, I crave sushi a lot, so that would be many restaurant trips. As a compromise, I've learned to make sushi "bowls". A meal that combines all of the flavors and textures of sushi, they're just piled into one bowl instead prepared in the typical "rolled" manner. My recipe was inspired by this recipe.

Sushi Bowls

1 cup cooked rice
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Protein of choice: seafood, cubed tofu, edamame, or fried eggs
2 sheets of nori*, torn into strips
2 tablespoons of dried wakame*, rehydrated in 1 cup water
Cubed (raw or cooked depending on preference) veggies (such as carrots, broccoli, cucumber, onions, sweet potatoes, mushrooms etc)
Cubed avocado

Optional Garnishes:

Green onions
Sesame seeds
Grated fresh ginger or pickled ginger*
Soy sauce*

*Surprisingly common ingredients available at most major grocery stores. If not, an Asian grocery store will have them.

Combine the rice with the vinegar and soy sauce, and then add the protein, seaweeds, veggies, and avocado. Divide into bowls (this recipe serves 2) and then top with garnishes of choice. Serve with chopsticks!


  1. Dear Becca Gram Loves Your Recipes but would never attempt to make one .They sound so good. Keep sending them dear. Your mom and dad and the pets are in Bellaveau .Its time to go to Church dear .BYE BYE Love you Grammie.XXX .

  2. I lovvveee sushi too - I like salmon and shrimp as well as veggie - we'll have sushi when we're together!

    Miss you, Momma



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