Ottawa Recap.

Did you miss me? Sorry I didn't post yesterday; I was too busy in Ottawa! Tony and I went for the weekend, to visit the Blue Prince, cousin K-L, and friend M. Here are some pics from our weekend away:

On Friday, we saw ice sculptures and ate at The Works (which sadly wasn't as amazing as I remember).

On Saturday, M and I toured the Byward Market, had tea at The Tea Party, and then played with some beads.

Also on Saturday, the boys and I feasted on incredible vegan, gluten-free, Middle Eastern food. Look at that mountain of food for only $11 (it really was big, that 'lil pic doesn't do it justice)!

Albeit the very cold weather, it was a nice visit.


  1. Nice!!! Any photos of the necklace? I'm so intrigued! Glad you had a good trip!

  2. Glad you had an Ottawa visit. I contend that The Works wasn't as good as you remember because you've become such a wonderful cook since your last visit there. Their food was good but stays the same---you are forever tweeking and improving your recipes. You've out-grown and out-done them! Bravo! Mama M

  3. Ha, ha! Perhaps you are right. Thank you so much for the culinary praise :)


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