You Learn Something New Everyday.

How do you like your free-range eggs, fried or over-easy?

- Crepitis is when you hear creeks and crackles coming from your joints. Creptis is a sign of bone rubbing on bone.
- Bones have three roles: to store Calcium and Magnesium, to provide structure, and to make blood (people often forget that bone marrow is the source of blood).
- Colostrum difficile is a bacteria that normally lives in the gut. It is very toxic and dangerous, but is kept under control by our "good bacteria" living in the gut. When we take antibiotics, however, our good bacteria is killed by the drugs, and sometimes C. difficile can get out of hand, causing lots of intestinal complaints and diarrhea. In order to prevent these symptoms, stock up on probiotics (healthy bacteria supplements) after taking antibiotics.
- Eggs are technically perfect protein because they contain the most essential amino acids (aka the building blocks of protein). The protein in eggs is 50% essential amino acids, that's the highest ratio of all the protein sources.
- People with Multiple Sclerosis (a degenerative nerve disease) often die of respiratory failure. Sounds random, but they die when the phrenic nerve (the nerve that innervates the diaphragm to contract during inhalation and expiration) is degraded such that it no longer works, and thus they can no longer breath.
- Similarly, people with kidney failure who require dialysis (routine blood filtering) to survive often die from heart failure. This is because when their blood is filtered using the dialysis machine, their blood pressure must elevate temporarily. The constant blood pressure increases and decreases stresses the heart and eventually it fails.
- Taste receptors on the tongue decrease with age. Unfortunately these leads to malnutrition in many older people because they'd rather eat foods that are extremely salty, fatty, or sugary, because these foods still have some taste to them.
Hope you enjoyed learning these new things today!


  1. All very interesting - I thank you for that!

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  2. You are a wealth of knowledge. Always a blog worth reading! Thanks again. Mama M


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