The Naked, Guinea Pig, Pin Cushion.

Dear future students,

When you start at CCNM, be prepared to be challenged mentally, emotionally, and physically. Not just in the tired-and-achy-back-sense from being hunched over notes everyday, but because of all of the poking, prodding, palpating, rubbing, adjusting, and freezing!

Be prepared to become a test subject. Your body will be used as a learning tool during your Manipulation, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Practical & Clinical Diagnosis, and (practical) Anatomy classes. Rather than hiring models, you will learn off your classmates' bodies. And it forth-year, you'll be stuck with intravenous needles and will have other laboratory tests preformed on your body.

Thanks to all of the Acupuncture featured in the curriculum (almost four full years of needles!), you will be poked extensively. Your body will certainly feel like it is a pin cushion.

Leave your shyness behind too, because you will be exposed (being up to 90% naked) on many occasions. You will become very comfortable with your body, especially when almost every square inch of it will be touched and examined by your classmates.

Be prepared because this is no joke: during your four years at CCNM, you essentially will be a naked, guinea pig, pin cushion. You've be warned.

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