Scary Motivation for Change.

“For 2 weeks after they’ve had a _____, people will do anything the doctor asks them to do because they’re afraid. There is a window of opportunity when patients first find out that they have a _____ problem that can be a magical moment, a therapeutic moment, if they are reached with information that goes beyond simply stabilizing them with drugs and surgery”.

This quote was presented during my Clinical Nutrition class (I can't remember where the quote came from... a journal article about heart disease, I believe). My professor said that this quote demonstrated the "in" that Naturopathic Doctors have with most patients. Most people aren't willing to give up ____ or start doing ____. However, when a serious illness presents its evil eye in their direction, patients suddenly are willing to do anything to get better. The other interesting thing is that most people don't want to have to under surgery or take a bunch of drugs to get better; hospitals are frightening places and people mostly try to avoid them if they can. This is where Naturopathic Doctors are often consulted. Patient has been diagnosed with A, Medical Doctor wants to treat with B, but they want to seek out another opinion, because maybe an option C exists? I strongly believe that the majority of time, there is an option C, and that a Naturopathic Doctor can help the patient find it.

My Clinical Nutrition professor also said that 25% of the population will actively seek out Naturopathic Doctors, even when they are in good health, because they believe in integrative medicine and holistic living. Another 25% of the population do not trust Naturopathic Doctors and no matter what you do, they won't respect you or your profession (forget about these people, don't try to convince them because you are wasting your time). Lastly, the remaining 50% of the population is on the fence. They either don't know about NDs or they haven't sought out your expertise. These are the people that need convincing. These are the people that will run to you to find option C. With time, these are the people that good NDs will treat and turn into firm believers of natural medicines.

On that note, my Clinical Nutrition classes have been bursting with amazing information lately. Info that I can't wait to share on the blog! Life changing stuff, people; life changing stuff indeed.

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