The Gluten-Free Bread Guide: Part One.

Since going gluten-free has become almost trendy these days (apparently due to several popular books on gluten, everyone is trying out this new "diet" to lose weight), companies have been quick to respond to the need for gluten-free breads. Yet, the majority of these breads are bad. Yep, there are a lot of bad gluten-free breads out there these days and I've unfortunately wasted money on many of them. While you are welcome to experiment with these breads yourself, you can save some money by taking my advice.  I've done the dirty work for you and present part one of the five gluten-free bread solutions. However, buyer beware, because a bread sans gluten will never taste as fluffy and doughy as a regular, gluten-loaded bread.  Gluten, my friends, is the protein responsible for the squishy-fluffy-softness that so many love about regular 'ol bread.  In the coming days (or weeks), I'll present the following five solutions:

Part One: Store-bought
Two: Local is best
Three: Outside the loaf
Four: Do it yourself
Five: Let's go alternative 

Part One: Store-bought. I've rounded up the top four store-bought (commercially produced) gluten-free breads I've tasted. Here they are a couple of snippets about them all.  I really wanted to give my top five breads, but I honestly can't recommend any other store bought bread because they are either too pricey, have crappy ingredients, or just aren't that tasty. Sad, I know!

1) Chia Bread Soft, chewy, toastable, doesn't crumble or fall apart, super simple ingredients, awesome chia seeds, Canadian, and organic! 
2) Flax Bread Chia's sister bread. Same goodness, only with the addition of flax!    
3) Udi's bagels Whole grain, satisfies the bagel craving, not quite the cleanest ingredient list, but pretty tasty!  
4) Brown Rice Bread Chewy, chewy, chewy!  Toasts well.  Perhaps a bit too gummy for some, but I don't mind the texture.  Simple ingredients.  Small bread slices, however.

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  1. Bread is the hardest part of being gluten free.

    There are good pastas,cereals,pancakes,waffles even beer, but bread.....ugh :(

    Udi is my preferred bagel too!

    xxxx Mom


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