Goodbye, Greek.

I tried Greek yogurt for the first time in my life this week.

I became vegan before I had even heard about Greek yogurt.  But because I read a lot of food blogs (I am quite obsessed to be honest :P), I kept hearing about the wonders of this Greek yogurt. It kept popping up and I kept thinking that I just need to give this product a little taste. It is apparently a popular food staple for breakfasts, in smoothies, and as a condiment (like sour cream).  I contemplated for awhile whether or not I should give it a try (even though I now eat eggs and fish, I do not intend to reintroduce dairy into my daily diet).

Last week, I finally bought a tub of organic Greek yogurt (the one pictured to the right) just to see what all the hype was about. I was surprised how much it tasted like... yogurt. It tastes just like a remembered yogurt tasting, but it it thicker and sourer (probably because it was not sweetened, unlike the yogurts I used to devour years a go).  It was alright...  I'm glad I tried it, because now I know that I really am not missing much by keeping Greek yogurt out of my life.  Also, the dairy (after not eating dairy for almost four consecutive years) didn't quite agree with me. Not in a ohmygoshIfeelsosick kind of way, but in a rumble-y tummy and irritated bowel kind of way (but I'll spare you the specific details). Enough malaise to know that dairy is just not for me.

Nevertheless, if you do choose to eat dairy, I'm thinking that organic Greek yogurt is probably one of best sources of dairy available.  It's organic, contains good bacteria (probiotics), calcium, lots of protein (18 grams per serving), and is sugar-free (if you buy plain that is).

I will finish up the tub of yogurt I have already purchased (I hate food wasting!), but then it's goodbye, Greek.


  1. I ate 2-3 whole containers a day when I was pregnant! I was sooo addicted! Only to the black cherry liberté stuff though! Frig I miss it! It was one of the best things I'd ever eaten!

  2. I am rather enjoying Greek yogourt as of late - Not a big yogourt fan normally but I think it is the thick consistency that I like of the greek - same brand you have, plain as well. I toss in fresh berries and a little honey.

    Worth a try.


  3. I must say, I am a Liberté fiend... But I can understand if it is not your thing-


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