Grow Your Own Green Onions.

One of my New Year's Resolutions (2012) was to do more Do-It-Yourself projects, including gardening. Excitingly I have started doing a bit of gardening as of late! Well, gardening if you count putting green onion ends in a cup of water and sitting it by the window sill. Ha ha.  Yep, that's how easy growing green onions can be. Never buy them at the store again (well maybe not never, but far less frequently that's for sure).

What you need: 
A  sunny window sill
A shallow cup of water (refill when it gets low, about once or twice a week)
The white ends of some store bought green onions

Place the white bulb-y ends into the water, place on window sill, let grow.  After about a week the green onions will have completely regrown!  Using the same set of white root ends, I've grown FOUR completely new batches of green onions.  Just snip or rip the onion when you want to eat, leaving about an inch of green stem behind.  Then magically (thanks to photosynthesis) the green onions will grow back!  Easiest gardening experience I've ever had.

Side note #1: Tony marveled at how cool these are as they are made from nothing more than WATER and SUN.

Side note #2: Botany is beautiful.  The green onions make a lovely plant addition to the decor of the home.

Side note #3: Today is my grandmother's birthday.  Happy Birthday to the best gardener I know!


  1. Snazzy!!!
    I may have to give that a try; I buy green onions almost every time I go to the store-

  2. Let me know if it works for you too!


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