Pricey PLEX.

And just as school winds down (only one more exam (out of a total of nine exams) left!)...

...school (well, learning at least) seems to be starting up again.
I'm taking about NPLEX.  After we second years emerged from our big exam this morning (on that note: goodbye Clinical Med! It's been one hell of a year knowing 'ya!), it was time to start thinking about NPLEX, our board exam to be written in August.  Student Services had us signing up for the course, giving us payment instructions, and selling prep manuals.  To my utter shock, I learned just this morning that writing NPLEX ain't cheap.  You have to pay almost $500 just to write the exam, plus you have* to buy the prep manual ($15), plus you have* to buy the study manuals ($150), plus you have* to take the prep course ($225). That's almost a grand for just NPLEX 1. Yikes! I can't imagine how pricey NPLEX 2 is, seeing as this exam is written over multiple days and has different prep courses for different parts of the exam.

*Note: You technically don't have to buy the prep manual, study manual, or take the course.  But if I'm paying $500 to write this massive exam, then I only want to have to write it once; I don't want to fail!  However, most students buy all three of the resources listed above, and then some; I feel good about my minimal purchases. 

In more positive news, check out my new school apparel.  Stylish school pride!  The photos were taken on my phone, so the true color does not look its best. Front, back, and crest close-up.

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  1. wholey moley...all this learning costs!!

    love the tee...are they for sale to ppl other than students?



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