The Gluten-Free Bread Guide: Part Two.

 Part two of my new gluten-free bread guide. Today I'll talk about sourcing gluten-free bread locally.

Two: Local is best
Three: Outside the loaf
Four: Do it yourself
Five: Let's go alternative

Like many areas of life, choosing the local/close-to-home option is best for your taste buds, your health, your finances, and your planet. Note: today I won't go into too much detail on the overall importance of localness (I'm saving that for an Environmental Medicine blog post in the future).

In my experience, the best store-bought gluten free breads (other than those commercial brands I mentioned in part one of this series) are the ones made by Ma-and-Pa bakeries. You know, the independent one that's just around the corner? I strongly encourage those looking for gluten free bread to ask around their community to see if anyone local can bake it. The reason why local is important is because freshness is important.  One of the reasons why many commercial gluten free breads have awful texture is because they are frozen.  The fresher you can get gf bread, the better!

One of the exciting things about moving to Toronto was that I got to try out new, local gf bakeries!  And like the local bakeries that I loved in my old hometown, the fresh gluten free breads I've tasted here have been good too. 

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