Health Scenes 5.

The Caption:  I saw this quote printed on a chocolate bar, of all things.  ;)

The Comment:  It's true, however. A healthier lifestyle can be all yours, so long as you have the motivation! 

On a personal note: I am willing to 'give up' all the bad food in the world and would follow any diet if it would benefit my health ...so long as I can still eat dark chocolate.  :)


  1. I was watching a music video which had some of the song's lyrics hidden in it, for example as newspaper headlines. At one point a person opens a menu, and under the heading "Hamburger" it has some lyrics: "You know I'm not good for you". It made me chuckle with its well-thought-out placement.

    (It is at 1:45 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4sfh2u8cgU)

  2. Watched the video! Thanks for sharing.


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