I'm jealous.

While at school this week for my NPLEX course, I had the opportunity to jealously observe the third-year students.  This week they are back at school too, but under much better circumstances: they are completing their clinic orientation!  That's right, next week the former third-year students will become fourth-year clinic interns; counseling patients, writing prescriptions, drawing blood, creating tinctures ...and all that jazz. While watching them receive cool clinic gadgets (prescription pads, pagers, etc) wasn't fun, I had to remind myself that in only one year I will be in their shoes.

I'm still jealous.

But I'm so close. 

A jealously-themed cartoon for today's post. Poor mustard, I still love you! Image source here.


  1. Not to worry. You'll be ketchup someday. And then you'll have people coming at you from all sides of the table. And you'll reminisce about how life was less complicated when you were mustard- off to the side- not bothering anybody. But you'll relish the momments when you make life more palitable for patients because of your sweet homegrown goodness. Momma M

  2. Aww, thanks for your kind words! Love the use of the word "relish" too. Goes with the condiment theme nicely :P


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