Make-In Take-Out: Poutine.

A month ago, I finally ventured to Poutini's. This place had been on my list of "must visit in Toronto" since September of 2010. Like its name implies, Poutini's is a poutine place. That's all they sell, but they are some variations of the classic fried, gravy, and curds, such as bacon poutine and my favorite, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free poutine!  Yep, even hippie eaters like me can still enjoy some classic, gooey poutine ...yippee!

Here's a picture of my poutine, a la Poutini:

After my yummy Poutini adventure, I decided to make it at home, a la Make-In Take-Out.  Now, you might ask: how on Earth is homemade poutine any better than the store bought stuff?  It can't be healthy, right? You're doubts are definitely sound. Poutine is not health food; nope, not one bit.  But sometimes we humans get cravings. And cravings that can be made at home are a million times better than restaurant ones! Some reasons why making poutine at home is better: no deep fried fries (oven baked), so potentially sketchy gravy (what the heck is in that brown goo?), portion control (you choose the size), much cheaper, less of chance of food poison/borne-illness, and last but not least, it contains more love!

Recipe: all you need is frozen french fries, gravy (homemade or this packaged variety), vegan cheese (Daiya) or organic cheese curds. Bake the fries, stir the gravy, sprinkle the cheese.  That's it, that's all.

Here's a picture of my poutine, a la Home (served with a salmon burger and greens):

The verdict?  Although going to Poutini was a fun treat... home cookin' still rules :)

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