Year Two Overview.

It's time to look back at year two.  Here's the good and the bad (in no particular order):

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 - more class time (almost 9-5, five days a week)
- more depressing (likely due to year-long Pathology and Microbiology courses, which aren't very pretty)
- weak, weak, weak psychology/counseling training this year, which was disappointing
- less of an 'naturopathic' year (likely because the courses were science heavy and less training in the modalities)
- decreased class-wide camaraderie (but you'll see the good side of this below)


- feel waaaayyy more like a doctor (thanks to PCD)
- less studying required (than in year one...I took the majority of weekends off from school)- much more relaxed atmosphere (it's like I got the hang of CCNM life :P)
- better schedule (not as many 830 AM courses, finishing classes at dinner time)
- much better understanding of Chinese Medicine after this year!
- feel like my brain is bursting with all of the amazing knowledge covered this year (I really did learn a ton)
- despite the decrease in class-wide activities, I grew closer with a smaller group of classmates, which was great

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